THE MATH: Jupiter Rx re-ENTERS Pisces = the current will take you


Jupiter left Pisces and entered Aries on May 10th.  Maybe you rocketed forward with new ideas, plans, or projects while others sank to the bottom of your awareness.

Jupiter re-enters Pisces today as it travels retrograde.  Maybe something forgotten is now floating to the surface.

What is re-visiting you from Jupiter's journey through Pisces?  Loose threads now show themselves in order to be woven into the tapestry.  Their place in the design may not be clear yet.  Hone your intuition.  Follow what feels true, choice by choice.  No need to rush.

Jupiter makes it's last cruise through Pisces until December 20th, when it re-enters Aries again.  Remember to rest.  No need to struggle.  Float when you're tired.  The current will take you where you need to go. 

Xx, J

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