2023 Cosmic Calendar

I began creating hand-drawn mandala's in 2013.  I bought a compass for $3, and used what I had, markers and crayons.  I drew 7 tree stumps, and many little red footprints, weaving their way between them as the Sun and Moon rose and fell.  That image is now 'August 2023.'

I created them for their own sake.  Drawing them relaxed me, and I could feel the symbols speaking to me as they grew, although their meanings lived in a land beyond language.  I never knew what the mandala would become when I began.  I just started, and let the symbols 'turn up' a message from a deeper self.  I drew many of them on my wanderings across the U.S.  Some are the firsts I ever made, while others are my most recent.  These were drawn along the beaches of Hawai'i, and the Oregon Coast, in the deserts of Arizona and California, in the pastures of Connecticut, in the shadow of Mount Shasta and the Grand Tetons, and more.

My creativity has shape-shifted many times over.  From painting, to ceramics, to mandalas, to rug-making, to poetry and story-telling, it will certainly shift again.  And yet, the mandalas are always something I circle back to.  I turn to them when I am whelmed by unspeakable beauty or sorrow.  I shelter myself within their creation, and I find a deeper mystery to guide me.  The deeper it goes, the deeper it goes...

2023's Cosmic Calendar is a compilation of many years of work, traversing many moods and phases of creative Spirit.  I had tucked them away.  Light, glowing in the dark of a tidy folder.  I asked Virginia for a list of visual themes for each month of 2023, and when she provided it to me, I was delighted to find that I already had everything I needed, waiting to be used.  I matched my own mandalas to the imagery Virginia described, collaging all 12 months in a single evening.

What comes together in an instant must sometimes dream in darkness for many years before bursting into light.  May 2023 be a year we can weave the intricacies of our waking dreams together with as much simplicity as this collaboration inspired.

You can purchase Virginia Rosenberg's Cosmic Calendar for 2023, here.

Xx, J

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