Braided Rugs

One of the first rugs I made was for this little munchkin.  I broke 3 needles, and I was still tying knots  instead of sewing the ends of strips of fabric together.  I had to braid and unbraid, troubleshooting various problems that arose.  There was a lot I didn't know then that I know now, having made over 60 of them.

People often tell me my rugs are, 'too pretty to be used."  They're scared to step on them.  I say, using beautiful things gives them meaning they do not possess if they remain pristine, untouched, unknown.

The rugs I keep with me lay upon the Earth just as frequently as my bedroom floor.  I sleep on them when I camp.  I lay on them when I gaze up at the Stars.

Wren's rug has been peed on, pooped on, maybe barfed on.  Luckily, they are machine washable.  Almost 4 years later, and it still holds up.  It will grow old as he does.  And when it is threadbare, it's OK to let it go.  Perhaps he will have a vision for a new one.

You can purchase a custom rug through my Etsy, here.  Wren left his rug design in my hands, but you can choose your colors, size, and any other vision you might have if you wish.

Xx, J

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