THE YEAR AHEAD = meaning floods

It's an illusion that we ever truly know what's coming, but the facade of certainty feels especially flimsy now.

These days, uncertainty is a ship looming clearly through the fog.  What would happen if you let it come to port?  What would happen if you sheltered uncertainty like a gift, carrying precious cargo, yet to be revealed?  What would happen if you let things fall together?  What would happen if you relished the suspense in the meantime?

This year, missing pieces find their place.  Puzzles long labored over complete themselves by happenstance.  Suddenly, we see whole pictures.

With revelation, meaning floods.

Sometimes, we diminish the power of what we hold meaningful when we try to communicate it too soon, or from a place of needing validation.  No need to share every detail.  Learn to nurture your own profundity.

Cup your mystery like a precious flame.  Focus on it like a meditation, and soon, it speaks to you from the world around you.  

Stay alert.  Be ready to respond.  The dream you weave inter-tessellates with others in perfect timing.

There is nothing to control.  Insight is just as instantaneous as it is unexpected.  Expansion becomes  exponential.

Assess the junk in your basements, attics and closets, literally and metaphorically.  Your hidden talents, your latent skills, your dusty hobbies...  Is it trash, or is it a dormant tool, waiting to collaborate with the right individual?

Alchemize waste.

How can YOU enhance your community, rather than waiting for your community to enhance you?  Take interest.  Research.  Make gifts.  As we spin silk from the stickiness of what was, new life ways can be built upon the web.

Most importantly, how do you want to FEEL?  In what small way can you generate more of that RIGHT NOW?

We can't predict specific outcomes, however, humans are experts at cultivating feeling.

In each Now, choose.
Xx, J

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