THE MATH: Mars STATIONS Direct Gemini = Begin.

TODAY, Mars stations direct in Gemini.
Mars entered Gemini on August 20th, and has been retrograde in Gemini since October 29th.

Energetically, Mars' extended sojourn through Gemini has felt like sweeping up a dusty porch on a windy day- I might be making a big 'to do', but  when the Air settles, what has been done?  Has it all been a Fool's errand?  Progress has felt elusive... but is that true?

It has felt impossible to add any mass to certain mounds of my life, while far corners have been accumulating into dunes, almost effortlessly.  

Take a wider lens.

Release yourself from the narrow focus of achievement.

Over the course of Mars' retrograde cycle, perhaps you've found yourself swirling in an unchartered trade-Wind.

Maybe you've been learning a new language, lingo, system, skill or game.

All paths to mastery have a cultural undercurrent, and a history they are founded upon.  To be a novice means you are gaining understanding.  Curiosity is a requirement.  Humility is helpful.

Whatever the modality, you've been learning how to 'do' communication.  There are powerful communities forming.  What are the strengths of yours?

As Mars stations direct today, sift through the sediment.  Glean information from the particles gathered, dispersed and disconnected as the information may seem.  A pattern is still forming in the sand.

You will never  be perfect, but you alWays have enough to begin.


Xx, J

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