All to come…

By now, many of you have received your copy of Virginia Rosenberg's 2023 Cosmic Calendar, 'Luminescence', in printed of PDF form.

Maybe you've thumbed your way through the year ahead, familiarizing yourself with the monthly themes and images.

Maybe there are some months that speak to you, or draw you in, beckoning you with the tickle of a mystery, familiar or unknown.

This January is for rest.  Use this time to steep with the wealth of information the calendar provides.  Connect.

In 2022,  I gave the original calendar artworks to people in my life as totems for the year ahead.  This year, I'm opening the images up to the public.

Come February,  I'll have the original artworks of 2023 for sale on my Etsy, but for now, familiarize yourself.

Play a game.  Divine meaning unique to you from the symbols of the months to come.  Prophesy.  Wonder.  And stay tuned for a free giveaway of one of these original artworks.

All to come.
Xx, J

P.S.  It's not to late to purchase your own copy of the Cosmic Calendar, here.

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