THE MATH: Mercury STATIONS Direct Capricorn = Dreams are showing

Redirection is protection.  I say this when things do not go 'my Way'.

It keeps me in the flow.

It is mental alchemy for being present with what IS here with me, rather than focusing on what isn't. 

It's a Way forward when it seems like there isn't one.

It's knowing I can't see the whole picture- Maybe there's a larger design, conspiring to give me more of what I want, if only I could stop trying to control the entire process.

When we awaken dreams, they take on Life.  They lead us places we could not conceive.  Like a child learning to speak, they talk back.  They have things to say.  They have dreams of their own.

Redirection is protection.

Mercury retrogrades are for 're' type situations.  Revisiting.  Revisioning.  Regrouping.  Returning.  Renovating.  Reinspiring.  Renegotiating.  Redirecting.

Maybe you encountered more than one redirection these past few weeks.  Maybe you've talked dreams out, tinkered with them, offered them up, had them slapped down, shrugged it off, chosen a different path, and let it go all over again.

Mercury stations direct in Capricorn today.  Dreams are showing themselves.  Will you let yours in?

Is it 'perfect' enough for you to accept it as it is?  Is it yelling, 'But you made me!' as you turn a Way from it?

Do what you want, but acknowledge your Power.

Dreams are CREATIVE, meaning they are of Life.  Your life is the only Way for your dreams to enter this world.

It may not look exactly as you envisioned it.  You may never be as 'ready' as you want to be, but when it knocks, will you answer?

Xx,  J

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