What’s going on with the Stars?

"Is there something going on with the Stars right now? Because X, Y, Z happened," said every friend of an astrologer ever.

There's always something going on with the Stars.  Because the planets are locked in a perpetual dance, their relationship to each-other, and to you, is perpetually shifting.

This is what I love about astrology:  It teaches me to be with what IS.

Sometimes, the Stars align in your favor, and life glides smoothly into itself, like a round peg in a round hole.  Sometimes, they make more challenging shapes, and we must endure their hard edges, carve out space for ourselves, or seek our place elsewhere.

Astrology teaches me not to get too attached to highs and lows, and to befriend the constancy of change.

How current planetary movements (transits) relate to your experience will be different based on your unique birth chart placements.  An astrologer who studies transiting astrology can observe this dance between your natal placements and the current movement of heavenly bodies.  This is how we see, "What's going on with the Stars," in relationship to you as a unique individual, in order to provide consultation.

People who consider themselves astrologers have put considerable time and effort into their craft.  They study, they read, and much like you, they've probably paid for at least some part of their education, software, and learning materials.  If they're not offering the information for free, do not ask for it.

You don not ask a massage therapist for a free massage, or a psychologist for a therapy session.  Value your astrologer-friend's time and expertise by seeking their consultation through the proper channel, meaning their booking page.

Through my own booking page, you can schedule a tutoring session with me to deepen your own astrological studies, or book a reading to get a pulse on "what's up" in your own chart.

Xx, J

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