You are not a shit-show…

I have the type of birth chart that's categorized as 'a splatter'.

My planets are spread out around my chart, with only a few houses unoccupied.  There is more red than blue in the 'blue-print' of my birth chart, indicating 'harder' aspects, oppositions and squares.  I also have 3 inconjunctions, meaning planets that struggle to relate to each-other.

There are many ways you can interpret 'difficult' charts, such as mine, and some of them can do real harm.

I storied myself as a shit-show for many years.  I let my chart be an affirmation of that.  I gave my authority over to other people, because how could I know what I needed?  I was a shit-show.

Your birth chart is not a life sentence, and even if it was, the interpretation of a single sentence changes with the use of inflection and tone.

How we story ourselves matters.
As an astrologer, people often give you too much power to write their story for them.

I have had astrologers make severe judgments about me based off of the shapes in my chart.  Even disallowing me to ask any questions because I'm, 'messing up their reading'.

This is not the way we learn to read charts in Sky Scholar. 
To read a birth chart in this lineage is to hone the art of asking questions.

When you read for people, you don't get to choose what they hold onto.  Predisposition attunes some to the negative, others to the positive, and others to the curious.  Holding space for others while you gaze at their chart is a practice to be approached with real reverence.

The first time I received a reading with Virginia Rosenberg, happened to be my 26th birthday.  "What am I supposed to be?" I asked her.  Can you imagine giving that much of your power away to another person due to the confusion, disconnection, and lack of sense of self you must feel?

Virginia didn't answer.

"You are awakening," she told me, "Have you ever considered joining the circus?"

Early bird pricing for Sky Scholar ends on 2/22.  You can sign up through this link to receive a free 1 hour tutoring session with me in addition to your studies.

Claim your power.
Story your own chart. Become the kind of astrologer who asks rather than tells, who wonders rather than dictates.  Remember...

"The one who speaks, doesn't know.
The one who knows, doesn't speak."
~Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

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