Join the symphony of the Stars…

Tutoring astrology is one of my favorite things to do, not because I am telling other people what the Stars mean, but because I get to witness epiphanies, celebrate insights and connections as you learn how to see and sense a birth chart, and speak in the astrological language.

Basically, I get to 'nerd out.'

My tutoring sessions begin by helping the student get comfortable using the software Astrogold.  If you don't have a Mac, you can still download the app to your computer.  Although it doesn't offer you as much data, it offers you everything you need to begin reading and calculating charts.  (It's also only $30).

Beginning can be the hardest hurdle for new astrologers to get over.  The software seems too overwhelming.  If you're not comfortable, we spend our first session getting cozy, learning where all the functions live, and from there we begin the practice of seeing astrology.

Those who buy a three session package with me often choose a project.  Sometimes they are reading for a friend for the first time, and want help identifying aspects in the chart.  Sometimes they are tracking a planet in relationship to their own astrology, and I offer them strategies for seeing aspects when more than one chart is overlaid and the guide lines disappear.

Astrology often begins as a study of the self, and for many, these sessions are a way to deepen.

A lot of what takes place in these sessions is reflection.  You tell me what you are experiencing, and I reflect to you where I hear it happening in the chart, what strings are being plucked, what planets sound (to me) like they are in conversation.

We talk about it as we look at the chart together.  We notice how those strings may be getting strummed by a transiting planet.  We wonder about the tune the astrology might play in the coming weeks or months.  And then, we gather again.  We assess our idea as the song unfolds.  We collect empirical data about what we notice.

Early bird pricing for Virginia Rosenberg's Sky Scholar course ends TONIGHT.  I'm offering a free 1 hour tutoring session to those who register through the link below.

Join the symphony of the Stars.

Xx, J

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