What has Mars in Gemini taught you?

Mars ends its extended sojourn through Gemini on March 25th.  By now the lessons Mars has imparted to you while passing through this part of your chart should be clear to you.

Since August, while 'The Doer' has been in Gemini, I became surrounded by rock climbers.  I tapped into the wealth of information available.  I got curious.  I learned how to rock climb.

We tend to pin rock climbing as a quintessential Capricorn activity.  And it's true, avid rock climbers often have strong Capricorn placements in their charts.  Even the footwear alludes to the mountain goat archetype, but I'm here to tell you what it's taught me about Gemini, a sign of communication, and hives of teeming mental activity.

Climbing is a dichotomy.  It is an independent sport that cannot be done alone.  Sure, you can boulder independently, but even then, who's spotting you?  You can construct elaborate anchors to climb outdoors by yourself, but in most cases, this is an activity you are doing with a 'partner' -a twin, like Gemini.

You create systems of communication.  This is not about deep conversation.  Like Gemini, it's about efficient lingo that gets you where you need to go.  It doesn't matter what you say, it matters that both people understand what the things you say mean, that you can hear each-other, and that you are listening.  You have to spend time learning how to communicate.  If you use a more universal language, you can climb with more people and be understood.

A well placed encouragement goes a long way, equal to a well placed reminder to slow down and breathe.  Simultaneously, monitor your speech.  There is etiquette.  If someone doesn't ask for advice on how to approach a climb, don't give it.  We might all be doing the same climb, but we don't all climb the same way.  Someone telling you how to complete a puzzle (Gemini loves puzzles) when you just want to solve it yourself is annoying.  And sometimes, you really do need help.  Learn to ask for what you want.  Ask others what they want.  Attune yourself to the dynamic of your pairing.

Like anything we study, there is wisdom that can be applied to the broader scope of life.  What has Mars in Gemini taught you?

Xx, J

2 responses to “What has Mars in Gemini taught you?”

  1. I really like what your wrote and look forward to seeing more.
    There are many things that Mars has taught you about communication. First and foremost, Mars taught you how to use common language to communicate effectively. Secondly, Mars taught you how to listen to others and understand what they are saying. Lastly, Mars has also shown you how to appreciate the wisdom of others.
    Can you let me know when your new blog posts will come out?

    Thank you
    Juan Miller – Crosserx.com


    • Hi Xander, I’m glad you enjoyed it. You can subscribe to my weekly newsletter to stay up to speed on all of my writings.


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