Saturn in Pisces wants TO BE the resort…

I drew this mandala for the month of March seven years ago beside Waioka Pond, also known as Venus Pools, on the Hana side of Maui.  Waioka originates from the Hawaiian word Waioaoaka, meaning 'open mouth of fresh water.'

I walked there from a tent I was living in by the beach.  It sounds like, 'the dream,' but it wasn't.  I had hopped from one unsafe work-trade situation to another, was deeply heartbroken, and craving connection I didn't know where to find, even within myself.

I would draw as I wandered around Hawaii, mostly alone, painfully aware of the stark contrast between the lush rain forest and tropical paradise around me, and the profound emptiness I felt internally.

I was at the pool seeking sanctuary.  I sat on the lower part of this picture as the tide came into the pool from the left, and drew for hours, because that was how I knew how  to soothe.

It's often true that beauty comes from painful places.  Like many big feelers can tell you, my art is often made when I have nothing left to turn to but my own creativity, at a loss for how to help myself but to make.

But Saturn in Pisces doesn't want you to build dreams as a survival mechanism, or a last resort.

Saturn in Pisces wants TO BE the resort. 

Saturn in Pisces wants you to build yourself a refuge of your own design.

The work of March might feel heavy.  We have to let go, to flow like the tide, to let grief wash in and out, to evaluate the shape of what has been carved away, and let a dream come to life in the womb of that waving complexity, like a minnow in a tidepool.

Virginia Rosenberg is offering a live call THIS TUESDAY, March 7th, to welcome Saturn entering Pisces, and provide you with insights and anchors in the Dreaming Sea.  You don't have to attend live to reap the benefits.  Register here.

This original artwork created for Virginia's 2023 Cosmic Calendar is available for purchase through my Etsy page.

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Xx, J

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