Hope to see you at the Well…

Open enrollment for Virginia Rosenberg's Sky Scholar ends TOMORROW!  We begin our study of intuitive astrology on March 28th.

The community building in this web is extraordinary.  I'm thrilled to gather with this incoming cohort, and fellow T.A.'s, many of whom I've been journeying with in this space for a number of years.

One of the most precious things about Sky Scholar is that we are learning astrology as we are EXPERIENCING astrology in real time.  We get to draw from the well of wisdom that exists in each individual as we experience major transits like Saturn in Pisces and Pluto in Aquarius.  This community is a resource, a trove of archetypal wisdom, bubbling up from the depths of your peers.

There is no container I would rather invest my energy into than this one as we navigate this paradigm-shifting astrology.

If tyou want to join us, register through this link using the coupon code INFINITE, and you can still receive the early bird pricing, as well as a free one hour tutoring session with me in addition to your studies.

Hope to see you at the Well.

Xx, J

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