THE MATH: Pluto ENTERS Aquarius = Rock Hopper I The Magician


This is a snap from my homeland in Lebanon, CT, native to the Golden Hill Paugussett Indian Nation. Lebanon was a central gathering place for the Revolutionary War, which was set in motion during the last time Pluto entered Aquarius. I came into relationship with this piece of Earth when I was five, and spent two years of my adult life here, mostly in isolation, creating braided rugs, tending to the animals, learning astrology, and walking the ruins of the stone walls that abundantly grid the forest.

The more time I spent with the stones, the more they spoke to me. One night, after a month of camping alone in the forest among these walls, a spirit of that land told me it was time to go. He was wearing a blue coat. I’ve camped in these forests my entire life. I would walk through them with my eyes closed in the dead of night. There was nothing I was scared of here. I had never felt unwelcome before.

He was telling me I couldn’t hide there any longer. So I sang him a song (as I did every night to let the coyotes and spirits know that, I too, was an eerie-something of the forest) and went to sleep. And then, I ‘came out of the woods.’ I left that land 3 days later, initiating myself into a painful process of reintegrating with the greater world. I haven’t yet returned, but this piece of Earth still occupies a deep place in my heart. I think of it almost every day.

I believe that matter has consciousness and holds consciousness. Stones are talismans, memory keepers, and wisdom bringers of all they have witnessed. As Pluto enters Aquarius I’m sharing a poem I wrote while I walked those walls of my homeland. Perhaps they can offer us some wisdom about ‘walking the wall’ between Capricorn and Aquarius as Pluto continues to hop in and out of these signs over the next couple of years. Xx, J

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