THE MATH = We’re in the portal

We're in the Eclipse portal.

The New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Aries will be on April 20th.  The Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio will be on May 5th.

The weeks around the Eclipses can feel intense.  Energy heightens.  Change breaks.  We reach a turning point, and make a choice.

Consolidate where you can.

What needs your attention?  What are you taking with you?  What are you leaving behind?  Can you let it go from a place of neutrality?

Release doesn't have to mean rejection.  Sometimes, we let go of something because it has outlived its use.  Shed outmoded habits and patterns with love and appreciation for the ways they have endeavored to keep you safe.

Beginnings and endings pass in the hallway now.  Pay special attention to the conversation they are having.  Give thanks for the space between them, and the ways you continue to grow.

For astrological support through these movements, book a reading.  First time clients can use the code WELCOME for 10% off.

Xx, J

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