THE MATH: Eclipse Season = The Destiny still to be read on our palm…


The Lunar Nodes of Astrology are often overlooked when we talk about our natal charts, but are integral to the stories we live into individually and collectively. They show us where we’re coming from, and where we’re headed; what has been taught, and what has yet to be learned; what we know like the back of our hand, and the destiny still to be read on our palm…

Through studying our natal Lunar Node placements, we can feel into the quests of our lives. Through studying the PRESENT DAY Lunar Node placements, we can feel into the quest of the COLLECTIVE moment. Eclipses happen when the New or Full Moon is within 18 degrees of the Lunar Nodes. They occur in pairs or triplets every 5-6 months, and often herald big change. These shifts can be as subtle as starting a new hobby, or as jarring as a break up.

It often takes until the next eclipse cycle, 6 months later, to track the whole arc of what we initiated in the previous eclipse season. Maybe during one eclipse season, you started a house hunt, and on the next cycle, you find ‘the one’. Maybe during one eclipse, you felt the inklings of what was no longer working in a friendship or partnership, and by the next the cycle, you have more clarity, and make or break a commitment.

Lunar Nodes change signs every 18 months. Just like a planet, when a Lunar Node passes into a new sign, its quality changes, its focus shifts. The wisdom we are tapping into from the past, as well as the visions we are receiving of the future, take on a different attitude or hue.

This Eclipse Season is THE LAST of a series of Eclipses we’ve been experiencing on the Taurus/Scorpio axis before the Lunar Nodes shift into Aries/Libra. For the past year and a half, we’ve been tracking the arc of a story related to our resources, extraction, investment, the depths of our desires, and our connection to Earth. Something has been excavated, like an artifact retrieved from a tomb. What happens to it now?

Does it turn to dust as it reaches the surface? Do you scatter your grief on the wind like a prayer? Do you place it carefully on your altar? There is no right thing to do during an Eclipse. In fact, doing nothing is encouraged. We are receiving and integrating a lot of new information, emotions, and ways of being. Rest is required. Reflection is restorative.

The eclipse on April 20th is unique, because it will occur on the New Moon in Aries, while the Lunar Node itself is still in Taurus. We may receive some information now on the quest to come during the NEXT eclipse season when the Lunar Nodes have moved into the Aries/Libra axis, where they will take on a whole new spirit. If you’d like to learn more about your Lunar Node placements, or be oriented to where and how you might be activated by this seasons Eclipse cycle, book a reading with me.

Xx, J

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