THE MATH: Solar Eclipse Aries = the flare, thrown into the dark

The Solar Eclipse in Aries on April 20th is a new beginning in the sign of ‘The Beginner’; ‘The-One-Who-Goes-First’; the flare, thrown into the dark ahead on a grand adventure.

The Lunar Nodes move ‘backwards’, meaning clockwise, through the zodiac, while the planets move counter-clockwise. This means that the progression of the zodiac they move through goes from Taurus to Aries, not Taurus to Gemini. Because of this, when the North Node enters Aries this coming July, shifting the inflection of the collective quest, it will enter through THE FINAL DEGREE of Aries, where this eclipse is taking place.

The North Node in Aries beckons that we discover more of who we are as we spend the following year and a half exploring themes of self and other, tribe and individual, along the Aries/Libra axis.

What we begin now has lasting influences, drawing us into the future versions of ourselves. No need to be scared of the opaque when you are the light in the dark.

In some place in your life, you spark.

Be brave. Begin.

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Xx, J

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