THE MATH: Mercury STATIONS Retrograde TAURUS = A mysterious flower


This Mercury retrograde in Taurus arrives on the tail of a budding transformation. A huge shift has taken place, and yet we have not moved. We stand in the same gardens as before, and yet we are changed.

Now, we integrate.

Ditch your notions of who others can and should be to you. Allow people to show you who they are, like a mysterious flower you’ve never seen before, unfolding in your favorite garden.

No need to do anything about it. Allow others to reveal themselves to you like a beautiful gift. Notice if you feel attached to who and what the people around you are becoming.

Imposing your will does not change the flower.

Remember that variety helps us thrive, and the bull in the pasture curiously sniffs each flower to discover it’s unique qualities.

You may not like every fragrance nature has to offer. Perhaps that flower is not the medicine you need at this time, but it doesn’t change the truth that it is SOMEONE’S medicine. And remember, you too carry your own unique allure, perhaps you are the medicine you seek.

For additional support with this Mercury retrograde, book a reading with me.

Xx, J

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