May Reflections…

May has been a whirl.  As it ever is, reorientations are taking place.

As Jupiter makes new ground in Taurus, Mars is heating up in Leo, but Venus is still relishing her soft and sensitive passage through Cancer.  And today, I’m here to muse to you about WATER.

Water is a guiding force in my life.  It’s why I moved to North Carolina.  It’s how my partner woo-ed me into a second date.  It’s always been there to heal me, hold me, and cleanse me.  It’s a bringer of LIFE.

In March, as Saturn entered the watery sign of Pisces, I was approached by an old friend who asked if I would donate a piece to an upcoming auction in support of the Gidimt’en clan of the Wet’suwet’en nation, an indigenous nation in Northern B.C.  They effort to protect the Wedzin’kwa, a river providing clean drinking water and salmon spawning beds.  This rivermouth is central to the health of the land, and the people who inhabit it, currently being put at risk by a pipeline being built in violation to their native rights.

When asked if I would like to donate a piece to the auction, it was obvious to me the calendar art for May was meant for it.  The black and red echoes the strong colors of Wet’suwet’en art.

The four-petaled flower is a symbol that can be found among many traditions.  By the Aztecs, it has been used to adorn temples, symbolize the four directions, and to mark the location of wellsprings.  In Eastern traditions, it is the four-petaled flower of the root chakra, the channel through which all subsequent Life-force flows.  

This disk, standing firmly between two pillars, speaks to the position of the Wet’suwet’en people, and the impasse at which they stand.  The Wet’suwet’en speak for the wisdom of the Earth and Sky, the unity of all Life, and the waterway they protect, which feeds a wellspring of vibrant life.

More on the auction, the mission it supports, and where you can purchase this piece as well as other art donated to the auction as we arrive closer to the auction date.  

Xx, J

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