THE MATH: (Venus ENTERS Cancer) = Lower the drawbridge


Today, Venus enters Cancer, trailing behind Mars.

As Mars has passed through Cancer, we’ve tended to our homes and our hearts, finding ways to express our needs, but probably not without receiving or doling a few gashes.

They say that Mars is in its fall in Cancer.  For better or for worse, Water, applied with enough pressure, is the sharpest knife of all.  It cuts through stone and metal.  Mars in Cancer can take on a hue of “not knowing our own strength.” The strength of our words.  The strength of our will.  The strength of our emotions. The strength of the way we approach conflict.

Resist the urge to categorize conflict as negative.  Cancer is a cardinal Water sign, meaning it is ‘the one to go first’ in the emotional realm of Water. The one who goes first seldom does it ‘right.’ But the one who goes first gives their community the gift of a place to start. Conflict gives us information about ourselves, and the people around us.

In Cancer, wanting things done ‘our way’, backfires when we force our needs upon others from an emotional place.  This strategy does not bring forth resolution.  Instead, the clam snaps shut, hiding the pearl within. 

Mars leaves Cancer on May 20th. For the remainder of Mars’ passage through Cancer, try using Mars’ cutting power to strengthen your boundaries.  Carve a moat around your needs. Lower the drawbridge, and give others the opportunity to meet you there.

Today, Venus enters Cancer, following behind Mars, applying a healing salve to the places where Mars has pushed a little too hard to ‘do’ what is not ripe for doing.  “If you rush it, you’ll ruin it,” comes to mind here.  The Tao’s words, not mine.

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Xx, J

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